What Page Does It Describe Ponyboys Fitness?

Similarly, What do we learn about Ponyboy in Chapter 7?

Randy Adderson (Marcia’s boyfriend) and the tall Soc who attempted to drown him are both recognized by Ponyboy. Pony despises them, and it is because of them that Bob is dead, Johnny is dying, and he and Soda may be sent to a boys’ home. Randy inquires as to why he rescued the children from the burning church.

Also, it is asked, What do we learn about Ponyboy in Chapter 4?

Bob calls greaserswhite trash with long hair,” to which Ponyboy responds that Socs are “white trash with Mustangs and madras shirts.” Ponyboy spits at the Socs in a fit of fury. Ponyboy gets grabbed by a Soc, who holds his head under the icy water of the fountain. Ponyboy gets suffocated and passes out.

Secondly, How does Ponyboy change in Chapter 12?

He notices that many guys his age despise the world and believe they must be strong and aggressive, and he feels compelled to teach them the good in it. Ponyboy’s choice to write about the greasers in his English theme paper demonstrates his growth as an emotionally mature young man.

Also, Is Ponyboy his real name?

Michael Curtis (Ponyboy) The narrator and primary character of The Outsiders, a 14-year-old kid.

People also ask, How tall is Ponyboy in the movie?

He was six feet tall, stocky, and proud of his rusty sideburns.

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What page is chapter 9 in the outsiders?

“What sort of society is it if all I have to be proud of is a reputation for being a hood, and greasy hair?” Ponyboy wonders. Page 132 of Chapter 9 Pony inquires as to why the other lads like fighting. They tell him that they like the competition and that they enjoy being powerful.

What happens in chapter 8 in the outsiders?

Two-Bit and Ponyboy visit Johnny and Dally in the hospital in Chapter 8. Johnny, who is frail and pallid, asks Ponyboy to continue reading Gone with the Wind to him. When Johnny’s mother arrives to pay him a visit, she is a nasty, nagging lady that Johnny refuses to see.

What happens in chapter 11 of the outsiders?

Soda is killing time by looking through his old yearbooks when he comes upon a photo of Robert Sheldon. He knows the young man, but it takes him a time to comprehend that this is the same Bob who was slain by Johnny. He tries to picture Bob’s personality and wonders how his parents are dealing with his passing.

What happens in chapter 5 in The Outsiders?

5th Chapter Summary Ponyboy cracks a joke, and Johnny informs him that he’s growing more and more like Two-Bit every day. Johnny insists on them cutting their hair and bleaching Ponyboy’s hair in order to disguise themselves. The lads hide out in the church for the next week, reading Gone with the Wind, smoking, and eating sandwiches.

What happens in chapter 6 of The Outsiders?

Ponyboy and Johnny are still caught in a difficult circumstance in Chapter 6 of The Outsiders, as we discovered in this lesson. They’re on the run, putting aside the fight between the Greasers, a gang of violent impoverished youngsters from Tulsa’s East side, and the Socs, a band of affluent kids from Tulsa’s West side.

Who dies in Chapter 4 of The Outsiders?

Ponyboy’s head is forced underwater in a nearby fountain. Ponyboy loses consciousness. When he wakes up, the Socs have vanished, and he’s lying on the ground next to Johnny and Bob’s bodies. “I murdered him,” Johnny adds. Blood is all over Johnny’s switchblade.

What happened in chapter 13 of The Outsiders?

The “party” in the title of this chapter parallels Miss Lonelyhearts’ prior meetings with inebriated, lonely, and satiric individuals in its ugliness, and when he eventually exits the party, in a daze, he shows signs of gaining sanity.

What happens in chapter 9 12 in The Outsiders?

Johnny murdered Bob in self-defense, according to Cherry and Randy. Ponyboy is acquitted and sent back to his brothers by the court. Ponyboy suffers from memory problems as a consequence of the injury. Darry and he get into more conflicts as he becomes slack with his academics.

Who dies in Chapter 12 of The Outsiders?


How old is Darry?

What color are Ponyboy’s eyes?


What does Cherry Valance look like?

She has green eyes and long red hair, and many refer to her as Cherry rather than Sherri because of her red hair. She is usually well-dressed and incredibly attractive. She is a member of the Social group, sometimes referred to as the Socs.

What page is Chapter 10 in the outsiders?

“How come I’m allowed to take it yet Dally isn’t?” Page 152 of Chapter 10 Dally calls at that very moment. He robbed a grocery shop and is being pursued by the cops. The lads rush to an empty lot to meet him and assist him in hiding.

What happened to Ponyboy in Chapter 10?

Ponyboy discovers that he had a concussion during the brawl when a Soc kicked him in the skull, and that he has been delusional in bed for three days.

What happens in Chapter 10 in the outsiders?

Ponyboy walks about the hospital in a fog after Johnny’s death and Dally’s departure. Pony continues to deny Johnny’s death, insisting that he is still alive. He leaves the hospital and wanders the streets until he is picked up and driven home by a stranger.

Who dies in Chapter 9 of the outsiders?

One final thing, Johnny musters the courage to say to Ponyboy: “Ponyboy, keep your gold. Maintain your gold status.” He passes away. Dally, bereft of hope, flees the hospital. Dally’s statement to Ponyboy in the automobile contradicts Johnny’s final words.

How does what the doctor first says on page 119 foreshadow Johnny’s condition?

On page 119, how does the doctor’s initial statement foretell Johnny’s condition? This suggests that the doctor knew he was dying and that seeing his buddies one final time wouldn’t harm. It would be preferable if you could help him feel better. “We needed Johnny just as much as the gang needed him.

What are Johnny’s last words?

What exactly do Johnny’s last remarks imply? “Stay gold, Ponyboy,” Johnny says just before he dies in the hospital. Ponyboy has no idea what Johnny is talking about until he sees the message Johnny left. “Stay gold,” Johnny writes, is a reference to a Robert Frost poem Ponyboy read with them when they were sheltering at the church.

What happened in The Outsiders for chapter 10 12?

When Ponyboy and Dally came to visit, Johnny died. Ponyboy returned home alone and dejected. Dally was shot by a police officer after robbing a grocery shop. When Dally was shot, Ponyboy passed out.

What page is Chapter 11 in The Outsiders?

“I assassinated Bob.” Page 165 of Chapter 11 He informs Randy that Johnny is still alive. Randy gives him an odd expression. Darry enters, and Pony overhears him whisper to Randy that the doctor says Pony is still unhappy over the deaths, but that if they give him time, he would get over it.

What happened in chapter 9 of The Outsiders?

Dally and Ponyboy travel to the hospital to visit Johnny after the rumble is over. When a policeman stops them, Ponyboy pretends to be hurt, and the officer takes them to the hospital. Ponyboy and Dally come upon Johnny who is dying. Johnny bemoans the futility of battling, encourages Ponyboy to “[s]tay gold,” and then passes away.

What happens in chapter 3 in the outsiders?

After the movie, the gang decides to stroll over to Two-place Bit’s and borrow his vehicle to drive the females home. Two-Bit and Marcia are still getting along, while Ponyboy and Cherry continue to astonish themselves as confidants by sharing thoughts as they travel.

Why did Ponyboy dye his hair but not Johnny?

Why did Ponyboy’s hair become dyed while Johnny’s didn’t? Because Johnny is Italian and has dark skin, he would seem artificial with blonde hair, which may reveal his identity by drawing attention to himself.

Who killed Bob in the outsiders?


Why does Dally hit Ponyboy in Chapter 6?

Why does Dally smack Ponyboy in the back of the head? Because if Ponyboy does anything wrong, he will be taken in by social services, and it will be his job to care for him. When Ponyboy tossed the final child out of the blazing church, a falling ember landed on Johnny’s back and broke it.


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