How to Get a Free Guest Pass Planet Fitness?

Similarly, Can you bring anyone as a guest to Planet Fitness?

Other than PF Black Card® visitors, non-members of all ages are not permitted to wait for members in the club. The day charge is the cost of using the gym for one day by a non-member/non-PF Black Card® visitor.

Also, it is asked, Can you wear sports bra at Planet Fitness?

Not all sports bras were prohibited, but they had to cover the most of your stomach,’ according to the gym’s management. He said that the new regulation was enacted in response to “a large number of new members who sometimes bring their children or friends, and (they) just want it to be a more welcoming atmosphere.”

Secondly, Can Black Card members bring guests?

You may bring one visitor every visit if you have a Black Card, as long as the person remains with you at all times. Guests are only permitted to utilize work out equipment; tanning beds and hydromassage chairs, as well as other Planet Fitness services such as haircuts, are not permitted.

Also, Does Planet Fitness check your picture?

Say hi at the front desk and use your keytag to check in. Our team members will capture your image for your member profile if you haven’t previously. At the front desk, sign up for one of the complimentary fitness training programs.

People also ask, Is the black card worth it Planet Fitness?

The black card is worthwhile in my opinion since you receive $1 bottles of water (which adds up over time) and access to the sauna and spa areas. It’s worth it just for that. The majority of them offer beautiful massage chairs that are great for working out tired muscles and backs after a workout.

Related Questions and Answers

What is the cheapest gym to join?

The dates are tentative for July 7, 2022, and are subject to change 6 National Gym Chains That Offer Low-Cost Memberships YouFit Gyms are a kind of fitness center that caters to those who Planet Fitness is a gym that focuses on fitness. Crunch Fitness is a high-intensity interval training program LA Fitness is a fitness center in Los Angeles. Fitness is available around the clock. Anytime Fitness is a great way to stay in shape.

Why can’t you take your shirt off at Planet Fitness?

We encourage guests to express themselves, but attire that might be viewed as frightening, exposing, or insulting should not be worn in the club. We also don’t accept attire that might endanger others or cause equipment damage.

Can you go to Planet Fitness twice in one day?

Absolutely! Our PF members are welcome to come as often as they desire throughout the day.

Does working out shirtless help?

Being shirtless allows your body to be more flexible, allowing you to get the most out of your exercises. Additionally, you may improve your posture and form. By getting the most out of your training regimen, increased flexibility and mobility may result in more calories expended.

Do you get a free shirt at Planet Fitness?

Make a fashion statement! When you join Planet Fitness, you will get a free T-shirt.

Can you bring a guest to Planet Fitness with a black card?

The PF Black Card® is a membership that comes with a slew of great perks. You may utilize any of our 2000+ locations globally, invite a guest every time you work out, and take use of our massage chairs, Hydromassage, tanning, and other services**. We even provide 12-cent cooler beverages. It’s the finest bargain we’ve ever had!

Can guests use the massage chairs at Planet Fitness?

Guests are not permitted to utilize the HydroMassage chairs or tanning beds. However, we offer a lot of amazing sign-up promotions, so chat to a member of staff at your local club and bring a friend so they can learn about what’s new at PF!

Can you watch TV at Planet Fitness?

You can work out while watching television! You don’t have to pick between working out and watching the big game, which is great news!

Can I share gym pass?

Only partners and children are allowed as family members, and you may add up to three of them.

Does Planet Fitness have showers?

Planet Fitness does have showers. While not very opulent, each Planet Fitness does include a number of clean showers with privacy curtains that you may use after your workout. They do not, however, give shower towels, and the little towels provided to wipe down machines and your face will not enough.

How many times can I go to a different Planet Fitness?

The reciprocal usage of other clubs is included in the PF Black Card membership up to ten times per month. A franchise fee will be charged after the tenth visit to a location other than your home club in a month. If you need further information, please contact your local club!

Is Planet Fitness good for beginners?

A Planet Fitness subscription isn’t worth it unless you’re a novice. Powerlifters, CrossFitters, and anybody with more than 3-6 months of training experience should avoid this gym. It lacks basic strength equipment and has tight weight-lifting regulations. Most folks would be better served by going to a different gym.

Does Planet Fitness have free weights?

As you can see, individuals like all that Planet Fitness has to offer, and those who prefer cardio will find lots of reasons to join. The fact that there will be no free weights at Planet Fitness is the sole drawback that will apply to all locations.

Does Costco offer gym membership?

Your Gym Subscription A two-year subscription to 24-Hour Fitness is available for $399.99 if you’re a new Costco member. If you join up with 24-Hour Fitness and pay monthly, it costs $960.71, which is a huge savings!

Are tank tops allowed in school?

12. Tank tops, halter tops, tube tops, and midriffs will not be permitted. Students are not permitted to wear transparent shirts without appropriate underwear. Tops that are cut low in the front, back, or side will not be permitted.

Is there a dress code at Planet Fitness?

We encourage guests to express themselves, but attire that might be viewed as frightening, exposing, or insulting should not be worn in the club. We also don’t accept attire that might endanger others or cause equipment damage. Shoes with open toes or sandals are examples of prohibited attire.

What would happen if you worked out twice a day?

You may boost your physical activity by working out twice a day, which may help you maintain a healthy weight and improve your fitness level. Working exercise twice a day might also help you perform better overall. Muscle mass and strength build more quickly when you train twice a day.

Is working out naked normal?

It turns out that working out in your underwear might really improve your body image and give you that additional push to keep active. While it may seem to be a weird concept, personal trainer Keith McNiven believes that working entirely nude might be beneficial. He claims that it helps you get the most out of your exercise time after time.

Does tucking in your shirt make you hotter?

Naomichi Tomita conducted an experiment to determine the effects of tucking a shirt on its temperature. He discovered that tucking his shirt in is more comfortable.

Is it weird to run without a shirt?

However, just because something isn’t prohibited doesn’t imply it’s OK. Going without a shirt is nearly always appropriate. On the other hand, on congested city streets, it’s best to keep your shirt on, if only because most people would rather not have to jump out of the way to avoid your sweaty body.

Why do they serve pizza at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness’ pizza history extends back to 1999, when a day-long lack of hot water at the company’s Concord, N.H., club inspired employees to order pizza for members as a thank you for their patience and understanding.

Is bottled water free at Planet Fitness?

Free water or energy drinks are available.

How much is Gatorade at Planet Fitness?

a single response Hello, Dylan! We’re so delighted you inquired! Here are the pricing for our cooler drinks: Gatorade – $3 Muscle Milk – $5 Water – $2 $3 for Vitamin Water Keep in mind that water, Gatorade, and Vitamin Water are all half price with our Black Card membership!


Planet Fitness is a company that offers gym memberships for people who are not necessarily exercising. For example, if you’re just looking to get in shape and don’t want to exercise, this type of membership can be an affordable option. Planet Fitness has a promotion where you can get a free guest pass when signing up for your first month of membership.

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