How Do Guest Passes Work at 24 Hour Fitness?

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS FOR GUESTS Before enjoying the 24 Hour facilities, a visitor must check in at the front desk, be at least 18 years old, sign a medical and injury release form, and pay a guest charge (a parent or legal guardian may bring a 16 or 17 year old minor as a guest if the adult member agrees to sign the appropriate release forms).

Similarly, Can Black Card member bring guest to any gym?

The PF Black Card® is a membership that comes with a slew of great perks. You may utilize any of our 2000+ locations globally, invite a guest every time you work out, and take use of our massage chairs, Hydromassage, tanning, and other services**. We even provide 12-cent cooler beverages. It’s the finest bargain we’ve ever had!

Also, it is asked, How do I activate touch free check-in 24 Hour Fitness?

Touch-Free Club Check-In enables 24 Hour Fitness members to use the 24GO app to check into their club. Simply launch 24GO and go to the GO Screen and hit “Check Into Club.” You’ll be given a time-limited QR code to scan at the front desk, or you’ll be asked to confirm your check-in to a particular club location.

Secondly, How does the guest thing work at Planet Fitness?

The PF Mobile App makes inviting a PF Black Card® visitor a snap. Sending a workout buddy an invite via the PF App will encourage them to complete a brief online registration and then be given access to a digital keytag, making club check-in simple, touchless, and speedy!

Also, Does 24 Hour Fitness give you towels?

Showers are clean, spacious, and private at all 24 Hour Fitness facilities. Better better, the locker room is available 24 hours a day, so you may clean up even if you worked out late at night or very early in the morning. However, since towels and toiletries aren’t normally supplied, you’ll want to bring your own.

People also ask, What can black card guests do?

You may bring one visitor every visit if you have a Black Card, as long as the person remains with you at all times. Guests are only permitted to utilize work out equipment; tanning beds and hydromassage chairs, as well as other Planet Fitness services such as haircuts, are not permitted.

Related Questions and Answers

Can Black Card guests use massage?

Guests are not permitted to utilize the HydroMassage chairs or tanning beds. However, we offer a lot of amazing sign-up promotions, so chat to a member of staff at your local club and bring a friend so they can learn about what’s new at PF! The #JudgementFreeZone, as well as a slew of other benefits, are waiting for you. Thank you for getting in touch.

Is the 24GO app free?

The 24GO app is available for download and usage at no cost.

Is Planet Fitness publicly traded?

As the shares of Planet Fitness continued to fall in early March, CEO Chris Rondeau started making open-market stock purchases for the first time since the firm went public in 2015.

Can you wear sports bra at Planet Fitness?

Not all sports bras were prohibited, but they had to cover the most of your stomach,’ according to the gym’s management. He said that the new regulation was enacted in response to “a large number of new members who sometimes bring their children or friends, and (they) just want it to be a more welcoming atmosphere.”

Is pf black card worth it?

The black card is worthwhile in my opinion since you receive $1 bottles of water (which adds up over time) and access to the sauna and spa areas. It’s worth it just for that. The majority of them offer beautiful massage chairs that are great for working out tired muscles and backs after a workout.

How do you invite a guest to a black card?

This is how it goes: Become a Black Card Guest by registering. To sign your waiver for a free visit, enter your email address and follow the steps. Install the app. Check in with a member of the PF Black Card® program.

Why did 24 Hour Fitness stop giving out towels?

According to the lawsuit, despite promoting towel service as part of the Super Sport membership package, 24 Hour Fitness decided to withdraw the service in June 2019 as a stated cost-cutting strategy and instead sell towels at retail pricing.

Does Planet Fitness have showers?

Planet Fitness does have showers. While not very opulent, each Planet Fitness does include a number of clean showers with privacy curtains that you may use after your workout. They do not, however, give shower towels, and the little towels provided to wipe down machines and your face will not enough.

Does Xsport give towels?

No, they no longer supply towels. This fitness business is clearly moving its emphasis from being a high-end gym to a lower-end gym.

Do you get a free shirt at Planet Fitness?

Make a fashion statement! When you join Planet Fitness, you will get a free T-shirt.

Can you go to Planet Fitness twice in one day?

Absolutely! Our PF members are welcome to come as often as they desire throughout the day.

What does unlimited guest privileges mean?

Unlimited Visitor Privileges” means you may bring a guest any day of the week, while other memberships only allow guests on weekends.

How can I watch 24GO on my TV?

To view what’s playing, open the 24GO® app on your phone and tap the 24GO® LIVE stream. You may cast it directly to your TV if you have an Apple TV or Chromecast.

What is 24 Go Premium?

A: 24GO PlusTM is a digital membership that gives consumers unlimited access to a selected library of premium exercises via the 24GO® app.

How does Planet Fitness make money?

Franchise royalty payments, membership fees, selling equipment to franchisees, National Advertising Fund (NAF) income, placement services, and vendor royalties are all part of Planet Fitness’ business stream.

How much did Planet Fitness sell for?

Planet Fitness Inc., based in Hampton, New Hampshire, has announced the acquisition of Sunshine Fitness Growth Holdings LLC, which has 114 facilities throughout the Southeast United States. The deal, which is anticipated to finalize this quarter, is worth $800 million in cash and shares.

Why can’t you take your shirt off at Planet Fitness?

We encourage guests to express themselves, but attire that might be viewed as frightening, exposing, or insulting should not be worn in the club. We also don’t accept attire that might endanger others or cause equipment damage.

Does working out shirtless help?

Being shirtless allows your body to be more flexible, allowing you to get the most out of your exercises. Additionally, you may improve your posture and form.

Are gym showers clean?

Showers at the gym are a breeding place for bacteria and germs. Furthermore, sweat and small wounds may cause infection or illness to spread in this moist environment. Yuck! “Rather of using someone else’s shower gel or liquid soap, bring your own,” Schweitzer advises.

Is Planet Fitness a good gym to lose weight?

A Planet Fitness subscription isn’t worth it unless you’re a novice. Powerlifters, CrossFitters, and anybody with more than 3-6 months of training experience should avoid this gym. It lacks basic strength equipment and has tight weight-lifting regulations. Most folks would be better served by going to a different gym.


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